USA -> Brazil

Six years ago as a high school senior I promised to myself that one day I would return to Brazil, eleven months ago I found out that I would actually be going to Brazil this year, four months ago the powers-that-be placed me in the Amazon, and finally tomorrow the day has come to actually board an airplane and fly south to the country I came to know and love as a 17-year-old. To say that there has been a lot of waiting prior to this adventure is something of an understatement. Nonetheless, I am both excited and relieved to be on the verge of an incredible (and probably at times overwhelming) experience.

Over the next nine months I hope to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my time in the Brazilian Amazon. My goal for this blog is to give everybody back home a real and honest sense of what my life is like and keep people up-to-date on my adventures.  Hopefully I’ll provide you with more laughs than gasps but given my proclivity to jump out of airplanes I make no promises.  When (and not if) I do decide to do something foolish I will make sure to tell you all about it post facto so that my mom won’t have to worry. However, in light of the fact that one of my great-great-uncles disappeared in the Amazon nearly a century ago and was never seen or heard from again (or so the story goes according to Boros/Dallos family lore), I will make every effort not to pull a “Percy Fawcett” by going AWOL in the jungle (see what I did there with that link? Oh I feel fancy now…this blog is going to be fun even if I’m the only one who reads it). In all seriousness, I hope my blog will be an entertaining read in the months ahead and I certainly promise not to update you every time I blow my nose. Also, if I begin to ramble incoherently at any point during my posts please just role with it because most likely some combination of A. the heat and humidity of the Amazon and B. the antimalarial I’ll be on for the next nine months has finally made me cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Anyways, if you’re curious this is my itinerary for the next week:

Boston -> New York -> São Paulo…5 days of orientation…São Paulo -> Brasília ->Belém -> Santarém

Check back here early each week for updates about my adventures. That’s about all I’ve got for the inaugural post…a week and five airplane rides from now you’ll hear from me in Santarém!

…and yes that awesome hat will be along with me each and every step of the way. Check out the companion blog for photos exclusively of the hat’s adventures abroad.

Até logo,


P.S I’m going to put links on the side of the page about various aspects of my experience that I’m sure you’ll never click on.

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3 thoughts on “USA -> Brazil

  1. Laszlo Lorand

    Andy: I wish you the best for a memorable stay in Brazil. I know that you will be doing credit to all of us during your Fulbright year of teaching. Take good care of yourself and enjoy. Love, Laci

  2. Vou ler seus blogs, Andy, todos eles. Pense na sua mãe antes de fazer bobagem, não depois! E não se esqueça de levar sunscreen — filtro solar — em quantidade.

    Fico esperando notícias, na certeza de que sua experiência será muito legal! E se você precisar que eu grite com alguém em português, estou pronta.

  3. Wonderful introduction, Andy! And the hat…well, let’s just say I look forward to seeing it again.

    I will defiinitely be following your somewhat (but hopefully not too) arduous, and highly entertaining journey.

    Much love, Lisa (and Doug!)

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